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1 to 1 device ratio’s at affordable prices

As schools are increasingly moving to the cloud and adopting new services such as Office365 increasing access to devices is also important. The days of computer suites being the only access available for students are long gone and many schools have started to adopt tablets and small form laptops as a way of increasing mobility of their devices and access within the classroom environment.

As schools adopt tools such as OneNote providing access to hardware that enables touch and pen input can add huge benefits. Using a stylus or pen means students can use their device in Maths and write equations; in Geography or science they can label maps and diagrams; in art they can create digital masterpieces saved to their Notebook. Providing additional ways to input can really open up the learning experiences and support different learning styles.

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These devices don’t need to be expensive and with the growing range of new Windows 10 devices improving access and moving closer to that elusive 1 to 1 ratio is easier. Click here to find out about the new range of Windows 10 education devices.

If you’d like to explore more about digital ink and OneNote then please contact us for information about our training courses and support.


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