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Microsoft Teams for Education is here!


Teams is a great way to structure the communication and collaboration for student groups, courses etc. You can add students and teachers to a team and School Data Sync can you help do this using data from your MIS or SIS. Once everyone is in the team you can use ‘Conversations’ for discussions about coursework or subject topics, teachers can also moderate the discussions. Using the Teams mobile app means everyone gets notifications when there’s new messages or material to look at.


The files area within your team is a really useful way to structure your file storage for different courses ensuring everyone has access to the information they need without having to manage OneDrive shared folders, it also helps to keep content libraries in OneNote a bit smaller.

Creating a OneNote Class Notebook for your team is really easy and provides a quick and easy way for students to access their Class Notebook for that course or subject.

teams 2.jpg


Adding Skooler to Teams is very simple and makes assigning coursework or homework for students, collecting it in and marking it it an easy process within Teams, making life easier for teachers.



If you’re looking for an easy way to structure class discussions and share files then Teams is a really useful tool for teachers, it isn’t however a replacement for your VLE or LMS.

You should look at Teams as the single place where you structure collaboration and communication. 

 If you'd like to know more about how Teams can help you as a Teacher - download the getting started guide.

Getting started with Teams