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Skooler makes communication even easier with back to school updates

Our teams have been busy over the Summer ironing out a few wrinkles and adding new functionality ready for the new school year.

dashboard NEW 2208.jpg

Here’s a look at some of the headlines:

  • Publish resources to students, teachers and parents

Teachers can publish links to either web resources or One Note Class Notebooks directly to the Skooler Dashboard, for one click easy access. Resources can be targeted at specific year groups and whether they’re for staff, students or parents (or all three).

  • Parent messaging with responses

With our new intuitive Parent messaging functionality teachers can publish messages to Parents for viewing on our new look parent portal. Even better is the ability to track responses from parents, great if you need permission for a school activity.

  • A new look parent portal

With our new look Parent Portal, parents have the same clean and intuitive Skooler look that teachers and students have enjoyed since early 2017. As the new site is built in HTML5 it’s also easy to read on any device from a mobile phone to desktop computer.

  • Publish Class Notebook links for parents

If you’re looking for an easy way to get parents more involved in their child’s learning, why not give them access to their child’s work in a ‘read only’ view. If you’re using One Note Class Notebooks with students you can now give their parents access from the Parent Portal.

  • A full integration with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the new way to bring everything together and communicate within Office365 and we wanted to make sure that it’s just easy to set homework, grade work, record attendance from within Teams. That’s why our ‘Teams Team’ have been working really hard to bring the full Skooler experience inside Teams.

  • Skooler Academy online courses continue to grow

With over 40 online courses and growing every week, Skooler Academy is a great way to provide all staff with access to training and professional development on Office365 all year round. We have courses on both Office365 and Skooler functionality, written by educators and linked to classroom use scenario’s, Skooler Academy is a cost effective way to ensure all staff have access to training and support when they need it.

Contact the team today to book an online demonstration or to discuss options to meet your back to school needs.


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