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Skooler tools are now even easier to use on Windows 10.

We’ve announced the release of our Windows app, now available in the app store for Windows 8 and Windows 10. Now all the Skooler functionality is available within the app without logging in through the browser.

With the launch of the Skooler app for Windows network managers can deploy Skooler easily with Windows Intune.

The app provides full access to all the Skooler functionality and loads the Office 365 tools on demand as the user needs them, so Word online loads within the app as the student wants to complete their homework. Teacher can mark and provide feedback directly within the app.

The app also means we can bring Skooler to the devices that students are using – their games consoles. Now Skooler can be installed as an XBOX app and students can check their assignments and even hand in their work, directly from the XBOX.


Skooler App Store Image





Here are a few reasons why schools are moving to Skooler and Office 365 to support communication and collaboration in and outside of the classroom.

Contact the team for information on how to become a Skooler school. Let's show you how your school can save money and make more use from Office 365. 


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