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Learning platforms aren't that bad, but the users might be

At BETT 2018 we talked about our learning management tools and Microsoft Teams, our session on ‘Learning in the cloud’ was extremely popular and it was great to see so many people there.

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 Learning in the cloud is nothing new, we’ve been doing it for years, we just called it something different.




Learning in the cloud opens up a range of possibilities that can both increase student engagement and save teachers time. It’s important that we prepare our learners for the world of work and focussing on 21st Century skills can help us to do that. How many of us create documents in isolation? Communicate with no one during the working day? Don’t get feedback from colleagues or customers?

38% of teachers say training is a challenge

The challenges of implementing learning platforms can be many but 38% of you told us that training was a key issue and 31% said time was the main issue and that most likely relates to having the time to commit to training! So actually 69% of schools found implementing learning platforms a challenge due to time for training.




If you recognise those challenges and would like an easier way to do it then we can show you how. Use the tools that teachers already know, that require little training and add intuitive tools that save teachers time and help manage learning.

 We can show you in 15 minutes how teachers can

  • Set homework
  • Distribute files to students
  • Mark work online / on screen
  • Send messages to parents

saving hours every week and it's never been easier!

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