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Restricted budgets and the impact on CPD Training

Are you trying to introduce new technology into your school? Have you got new staff joining in September? Maybe you’re moving to the cloud and rolling out Office365 in the new year. What we know is that for the technology to make an impact on teaching and learning and to be embedded within school life and teachers’ practice, needs time and training.


School budgets are under enormous strain and the first thing to get cut is often training and CPD, because releasing staff for courses, buying in outside trainers are expensive and time consuming – schools are short on both time and money.

If you’re looking to grow technology use then why not use technology to deliver the training? What are the benefits:

  • Staff can access at a time that suits them
  • They can revisit as many times as they like for revision
  • They can be recognised for their CPD with certificates and badges
  • As an SLT you can track progress and engagement of all staff
  • It’s much more cost effective than face to face training
  • Your using the technology to learn

Why not enable your staff to use some of the summer to learn new skills? Get ready for new cloud based practices when you return in September? Maybe you’ve already got training booked for INSET day but want to make sure everybody knows a little before then?


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Click on the link below to find out more about our e-learning packages for Office365 which include anytime, anywhere access for a whole year including the summer holidays. You’re whole staff could have technology CPD for a whole year for less than a days course for 2 people.


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