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Office 365, a guide for Teachers

By Debra Knight
14 September 2017 21:06:53 CEST

Over the summer we shared Teacher Tips to help you get started with Office 365 for the term ahead.

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Restricted budgets and the impact on CPD Training

By Antony Moore
05 July 2017 16:46:09 CEST

Are you trying to introduce new technology into your school? Have you got new staff joining in September? Maybe you’re moving to the cloud and rolling out Office365 in the new year. What we know is that for the technology to make an impact on teaching and learning and to be embedded within school life and teachers’ practice, needs time an...

EdTech Education Assessment Collaboration

The great homework debate - how do we ensure it is useful?

By Jodie Lopez
22 June 2017 06:30:00 CEST

Office 365 for Education Microsoft OneNote Education Cloud Computing Assessment Collaboration

Parent communication just got easier

By Antony Moore
19 June 2017 08:30:00 CEST

Office 365 for Education EdTech Education Cloud Computing

6 Must Have Microsoft Edge Extensions for Teachers

By Antony Moore
13 June 2017 07:30:00 CEST

Being a teacher doesn’t just involve standing in front of your class and giving lessons (if only!). For every hour you spend in class, there are several more spent planning lessons, marking homework, keeping on top of admin, attending staff meetings and liaising with parents and students.

Microsoft OneNote EdTech Education

Formative Assessment using OneNote

By Eivind Mustad-Hansen
07 June 2017 11:15:40 CEST

First, let me state some key points. OneNote is a notation program, a digital draft or notebook for both teachers and students. It’s a wonderful tool for providing feedback and assessments on student’s work as they work towards the final goal. The summative evaluation is in the form of a grade, or another evaluation form, that must be reg...

Office 365 for Education Microsoft OneNote EdTech Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Microsoft PowerPoint Education

Time Saving Tools for Teachers

By Antony Moore
23 May 2017 13:21:58 CEST

Office 365 for Education Microsoft OneNote Education

How to strengthen communication in schools through technology?

By Antony Moore
17 May 2017 09:43:44 CEST

Office 365 for Education EdTech Microsoft Word Education

Tips and tricks in Word: Smart Lookup and Accessibility Checker tool

By Antony Moore
28 March 2017 13:49:06 CEST

Office 365 for Education EdTech Education

What is Office 365 for Education?

By Antony Moore
07 March 2017 07:45:00 CET