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Time Saving Tools for Teachers

We know that as a teacher you are incredibly busy and if you ask any teacher what do they most need more of – they always answer – TIME

Technology has the ability to help us all do our jobs and free up some time in our busy days, the challenge is finding the time to work out how it could do it!

Do you spend time loading files on to USB keys to take home and carry on working? Do you start planning at home and realise a resource you need is on the server at school? It’s time to start working in the cloud – the Office365 cloud. No more forgotten files or USB keys – save everything into OneDrive where it’s safe, secure and backed up. That way you can start work in your classroom at the end of the day, carry on working on the bus or tube on the way home on your phone or iPad and finish off on your laptop at home.


MS VIdeo.jpg

This video from Microsoft shows what Office365 can do for you.


Do you team teach or do joint planning with other teachers in your year group? Share your plans online, even work on them collaboratively, at the same time from home.

If you set homework or coursework – how much time do you spend photocopying? Giving out instructions? Reminding students of the deadline? How long do you spend collecting work in? Chasing up those that haven’t handed in? And once you’ve got it all in – are you still carrying paper or books home to mark it all and record results?

Even if you’ve moved all of that to a learning platform or online, are you still downloading and uploading files to mark them? It’s all time consuming processes – you don’t have the time for. Lack of time is the most common reason given by schools and teachers for not making use of a learning platform or similar functionalities. 


What if you could set work using Office365 and in 3 clicks, with all your students getting emails and calendar notifications of what they have to do? What if you could check who hadn’t handed in with just 2 clicks? Marking everything online, in Office365 and giving results and feedback to students whilst also adding the results to your markbook.




 Office365 and Skooler can save you time and we have the time to help you understand how to do it. Why not join our webinar, it’s FREE, at a time to suit to you and in 20 minutes of your time you’ll learn how to save even more time, using Office365.


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