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Parent communication just got easier


Education isn’t just a teacher’s job and learning doesn’t just happen at school, it’s a partnership between home and school. Communication between home and school is vital if everyone is to pull in the same direction and support the learner.

In EdTech we’ve seen a concerted effort to provide schools with technology options that can support home / school communication and the sharing of information. Sharing summative data has been a major focus of most of these kinds of services. Others have provided ways of sending messages and letters electronically to overcome the ‘bottom of the book bag’ scenario.

But as a parent we’re all familiar with the response to “What did you do at school today?” – the varied answers range from ‘nothing’, ‘don’t know’, ‘I forgot’ or just a grunt. I’ve often referred to the famous ‘memory wiping’ doors that all schools are fitted with and every child passes through sometime between 3.30pm and 4pm.

There is another way…

Schools using Office365 and Skooler have several ways to use Microsoft’s cloud productivity suite to communicate with Parents. Our partnership with Microsoft grows from strength to strength and now we’re the first in the world to utilise Microsofts new OneNote Parent API’s for sharing information with parents and carers.

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Now from within the Skooler interface you can share individual student notebook sections with their parents – this enables parents to log in and see what work their child has been doing with a ‘read only’ view of their notebook. It also means parents and teachers are better informed when having parent / teacher consultations.

If you want to share learning resources, planning or documents with parents you can also now share the ‘Content Library’ section of a ClassNotebook with parents.

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Add this new functionality to Skooler’s ability to provide attendance, homework / coursework information, recent assessments and individual learning plans and the communication between school and home can take on a whole new level and save you money at the same time.

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Book a Skooler parent communication demo now to see our unique integrations with Office365 and how we could save you money.


ENG - Mailshot Request a demo of Skooler