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Make more use of Cloud services

Have you made the move to the cloud? Maybe you’ve already started to use Microsoft Office365. Would this sound familiar for your school “we mainly use email, calendar and a bit of storage” – is a fairly common description of a schools use of Office365.

There’s so much more to working in the cloud that can make life easier and reduce workload for teachers, enable collaboration opportunities for both teachers and students as well as access files anytime anywhere on any device. Here’s just a few examples of expanding how you use Office365.

  1. Use Microsoft Teams to access and work on a new scheme of work for your subject. Give everyone in your department access to the team where you can discuss ideas and changes, individually work on your own sections of the SoW with automatic version tracking.



  1. Get your students to work on a group research project where they’ll present their findings in Microsoft Sway. They can all work in the same Sway, no more merging of Powerpoint slides. Their work is automatically saved in the cloud and when their finished they can share it with everyone else.



  1. Do away with ever growing network drives and especially USB keys. Move all of your files into OneDrive and you can be confident you can access them everywhere. Your Headteacher asks you for a copy of your planning, it’s easy to find the file from the OneDrive app on your phone on the bus on the way home and share it or send it to them.



  1. Reduce the amount of books you carry home for marking or reduce the time you stay behind after school to mark books to avoid carrying them home. Get you students to use OneNote to record their work, they can add texts, images, video’s and even drawings with a touch device. With a Class Notebook you have everyone’s work in one place and it’s easy to move between students work. Better still it’s automatically saved in the cloud and you can access it whenever and where ever you want – in front of the telly!




  1. Bring experts into the classroom from around the world with Skype. With just a bit of research on Microsoft’s Skype in the Classroom site and a few clicks later and you could have a NASA scientist or your local MP live in your classroom, or get adventurous and link with Skype enabled classrooms around the world.




You could drive Office365 usage even further by adding Skooler’s unique learning management functionalities to help you make Office365 really work for teaching and learning. Growing evidence shows that with Skooler’s unique tools and integrations with Office365 usage will significantly grow. The graph below shows that usage of individual applications within the Office365 suite has tripled in a very short period of time following the implementation of Skooler.


usage stats.jpg


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