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September is nearly here....

It’s that time of year when as school leaders and teachers you start to look towards next year and that list of ‘Summer Jobs’ starts to grow!

Typically schools leave big IT projects until the summer to minimise the impact on teaching and learning and so over the next few weeks network managers, IT technicians start to think about their plans for the downtime.


Those IT projects aren’t completed in isolation and they’re driven by teaching and learning requirements. It could be a desktop refresh to replace ageing tools that can’t cope with modern curriculum applications; it could be a broadband upgrade to ensure teachers can make more and better use of online resources and materials in their teaching.

Maybe your plan involves moving to the cloud to improve access to information in and out of school, to reduce the need for local servers to store content and information, to improve communication between teachers, students and parents.

Cloud Computing Concept. The Future - Everything from Socket

Is your move to the cloud also focussed around e-learning, 21st century skills, managing teacher workload?

Maybe you’ve already started your cloud journey and have implemented Office 365 and there’s some usage of email, calendar and cloud storage. But it’s not really yet having an impact on teaching and learning, it’s not delivering the time savings for teachers you’d hoped to realise.

If any or all of the above sound like your school then we think we can help, Skooler can:

  • speed up that move to the cloud
  • make a big impact on teaching and learning
  • save teachers time
  • deliver cost savings
  • improve communications

Don't wait for the Summer, get going now

It doesn’t have to wait for the summer – we can have Skooler up and running before the end of term so that everyone has access over the Summer and is ready to go in the new year.

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